The Restorative Yoga Deck



    by Scott Davis and Janet Nicol 

    Available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

  • What's in a Deck?

    Postures, sequences and an introduction to Restorative Yoga


    The postures

    Our deck includes 26 concise drawings of the most popular Restorative Yoga Postures with variations to accommodate different bodies or availability of props.



    Each card lists the benefits, modifications, muscles targeted, meridian activated, contraindications and recommended length of time to stay in each posture.



    We includes a number of sequences to relieve common ailments.

  • The Creators

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    Scott Davis

    Founder of Free Three Therapies


    Scott is an Eastern medicine doctor, Yoga Teacher, and Movement Therapist. He has been inspiring and coaching clients and students for over 20 years and taught numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings at the studio he founded in Toronto, Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. To book an appointment or training, visit his website at ScottDavisHolistic.com

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    Janet Nicol

    Founder of Metta Movement & Meditation Studio

    Janet is a movement, meditation, and yoga instructor leading weekly classes at her studio in Ottawa and hosting annual retreats in Bali, her second home. She is a long-time student and teacher of Restorative Yoga and is grateful for the years of peace and tranquility this practice has given her. To find out more about Janet or to sign up for her weekly newsletter, visit her website


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